Shop_chiller Cab_310513The shop-build is really gathering momentum now, with the inside all kitted out with a proper floor, a back door, front door and even some snazzy baskets, just waiting to be filled with produce!

We have a chiller cabinet in place, although at the moment it’s doubling up as a tool storage unit. Fear not, in a matter of weeks it will be bursting with delicious deli meats, cheeses and other local produce to tempt you with.

The Deli at The Rag Country Inn, Cannock ChaseEveryone has worked really hard, sometimes in the most dreadful weather conditions. It’s just typical that now we’re working in the inside of the shop, the sun has come out and is cracking the flags!

We’re aiming to open the deli in mid-June. We’ll keep you posted as to any special events planned for the grand opening. If all else fails, we can always rely on the Laird and Lady of Glencairn to do the honours for us ….